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 Your promo and the website 
are AWESOME. I love what you're doing this is 
FANTASTIC!! I wish you nothing but the BEST with it!

Jennifer Grisanti CBS Paramount
Former Vice President of Current Programs · Nov 2004 to May 2007
 Thank you so much for the follow up. It was my pleasure to meet you a couple of unexpected times….. and then to finally experience your presentation/workshop. I was very impressed with your knowledge in this subject.
 I am now obsessed with visualizing the amount of sugar in everything on my shopping list!  
 Jill Schvaneveldt Vice President of Sales Pacific Partners International
- First Name, JULY 2010
 Clay Crosse  & Wife Rene. Clay was the 25th GMA Dove Awards - New Artist of the Year
I did an event in Kentucky with them
Paula Safron former Director of Catering & Events at JW Marriott Desert Springs
Sooze Fliery 
Former Director at Bellus Academy
 Companies That Have Laughed With Me, Endorsed and Enjoyed My Presentations!
Julie Herrick Meeting Planner
FEDA Event Esmerelda, Palm Desert, Ca.
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