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Watch Ingo In Action

Ingo Has Taught, Entertained, and Inspired Organizations of all Sizes. His Message Continues to Change Lives. He Shows Audiences That a Healthy, Grateful, and Challenged Workforce is the Surest Way to Increased Profitability. 

 Ingo Loge' Delivers
"Real Ideas, Practical Solutions
Personal Approach"

"I think that we have all attended corporate events that included a trainer in tights that delivers an anemic attempt to get attendees "physical". At best, these are half-hearted attempts met with partial audience involvement and limited success. 

Enter Ingo. From the moment he walks on stage, he owns it, and the audience. His mixture of energy, humor, education (and UNIQUE education - "Lion Face" - what a blast!) and genuine caring for the audience is engaging, fun and addictive. I actually found myself looking forward to these 10 min energizer  breaks!"  

Coach Bill Hart...Building Champions

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