Customized Programs Include:
  • 45, 60  and 90 Minute Keynote
  • Quarter/Half/Full Day Break Out Sessions and Workshops
  • One-on-One Coaching Sessions

The Right Speaker For Your Next Event!

Whether you are looking for a guest speaker, keynote speaker or someone to address your conference attendees, Ingo is your speaker of choice-just check out some of his video testimonials. Ingo has worked with audiences of all sizes and all places (even on a presidential yacht!). Opportunities range from a full day nutrition and personal self care lifestyle-based training to a one hour keynotes. Some of his topics include:
Topics I Speak About and Customize For You
  • Personal & Corporate Wellness Growth
  • Productivity/Habit Change
  • Inspiration
  • Self Esteem
  • Performance/Sales
  • Empowerment
  • Success
A Odd and VERY EFFECTIVE Morning Health Routine For Success!  

Question:"If 10 Minutes A Day Could Give You More Energy Than You've Felt In Years, The Mental Clarity Of A Zen Monk, And More Importantly Your Life Back How Much Would That Be Worth To You? 
When you fly on an airplane, the flight attendant instructs you to put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others. Why is this an important rule for ensuring survival?  Because if you run out of oxygen, you can’t help anyone else with their oxygen mask. Self care, especially in the mornings is something everyone struggles with and know one knows that better than Ingo 

Sometimes, peculiar routines are the key to sanity… and productivity.  With a hands on "audience involvement" approach, Ingo, hooks his audiences instantly.  Ingo Includes lots of attendee participation and interaction with the use of  props,  "working in" exercises and more!  The end result, No one will ever wake up or go to bed the same way again

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The 7th Escape: Never, Never, Never Give Up! 
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Body Shop: 5 Ways To Treat Your Body As Well As Your Car 
Get a Tune-Up at the Healthy Life Garage WIth Ingo
Let’s face it: Most of us would be in much better shape if we put as much time, money, thought and energy into taking care of our bodies as we put into maintaining our cars.

If that sounds like you, Ingo will share with your group the 5 ways you can give your body a simple tune-up to get on track with your health and fitness.

Every organization needs to have a clearly defined healthy lifestyle and self care culture in order to succeed, but how is Healthy Lifestyle Culture created? And how can YOU contribute to creating that culture, starting today? Ingo's message on Mastering a Healthy Corporate Lifestyle Culture will shift the way you as an individual and your company as a whole, approach your business and your home life and its all done from the inside out!. After all YOU ARE UNIQUE!

The way we all respond to food, exercise and stress varies person-to-person just as much as our fingerprints. But How Does One Go About Finding This Out Once and For-all? 

Each attendee will be able to download PRIOR to the event their own personal questionnaires regarding Stress, Diet, Digestive Health, Sleep, Toxins, & Their Food Fingerprint or DNA Metabolic Type.  

This Keynote event can be coupled with a  half or a full day workshop. Many companies like  The Marriott, GMDC,The Hain Celestial Corporation, Kellogs, Unilever, Bayer Health,  and  others have benefited from this "hands on total body tune up"  event.  Read and See Some of this events comments here
What To Do... When You Don't Know What To Do: Overcoming Any Obstacle Once and for All 
Based on the True Story of his  grandfather Walter Loge's book 

Ingo Loge understands not knowing what to do. After all, he spent a period of his younger life homeless, living in box cars, tent city's, foster homes, juvenile work camps and on the streets of Hollywood.  A property of the state of California by the time he was 17, Ingo even stayed in the same jail that Jesse James the outlaw did.  

It was during that time that he discovered how to take control of his situation and set his life's course in a positive direction. Allow Ingo to show you how to replace  "I don't know what to do" with "I do know what to do" with the help of a few incredibly simple, yet profound, strategies that have helped countless companies and individuals get their lives back on track. The timeless principles contained in this presentation will instantly enhance productivity -- and get rid of inactivity once and for all. 

Taking The Lessons From His Grandfathers Book  Read the Review Here(Available on Amazon)  Ingo Takes Each Escape Each Decisions and Guides Audiences to a Profound Understanding of how to Fully integrate Seven Life-Changing Decisions His Grandfather Made into Their Daily Lives.

  • The Responsible  Choice: I accept responsibility for my past. I am responsible for my success. I will not let my history control my destiny.
  • The Guided Decision: I will not be afraid to say t   (I NEED HELP).
  • The Active Decision: I am a person of  passionate action.
  • The Certain Choice: I have a decided heart. Criticism, condemnation, and complaints have no power over me.
  • The Humorous Choice: Today I will choose to be cheerful and laugh and here's why.
  • The Gratitude Decision: I will greet each morning with a forgiving, grateful heart and mindset
  • The Persistent Decision: I will persist without exception. I will never, never never GIVE UP!
Ask Me About Some of My Other Talents,Topics 
 and Break Out Session Ideas That Include: 

  • Emcee For Your Event
  • Complete Vitamix Smoothie Bar For Events (Last One Was For Marriott Managers Event on Coronado Island in San Diego and I Was At The New Zumba Videos Shot at Universal Studios)
  • My Signature 10-15 Energy Boost/Breaks (I am known for these at many events nationwide) See Demo Videos
  • Smart Meal and Snack Planning For Events (so none of your attendees fall asleep during the session) 
  • Morning Corp Boot Camps  (with no weights needed) 
  • Kitchen, Pantry Makeovers and Medicine Cabinet Makeovers
  • Grocery Store Tours (like you have never experienced before) I bring the store to the event!
  • 19 Best Foods For Optimal Health With Live Demo and Participation. Great Event!
  • Yes I Can Sing and Play the Guitar (did it professionally for 9 years)

             And Yes I am also The Spinach Man!  Please See My Site Here
Ingo and his team work with you personally to insure that 
the presentation you most desire is the one you have delivered to your group.
 Our process could include all or some of the following steps:

  • Contact made by potential client to Ingo's office
  • Determine basic program needs
  • Set up conference call with Ingo (if needed or desired)
  • Creation and submittal of proposal complete with rough outline of the keynote or training Ingo would provide to the group
  • Develop contractual agreement
  • Ingo conducts interviews with 2-3 audience participants approximately 30 days prior to the program and participates in conference call with meeting planner and/or planning team
  • Submittal of refined outline of Ingo  presentation for review
  • Delivery of program by Ingo that makes you and your planning team look fantastic!